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We are experts in helping children prepare to take the 11 Plus.

Through mock tests and revision courses, we support our candidates at an individual level, giving each of them the skills and confidence they need to perform at their best when the time comes to enter the exam room.

All of our practice sessions are run by experienced 11 Plus tutors whose in-depth knowledge of the test ensures all of the key areas are covered. We also provide detailed feedback on progress to help with further study, and we can tailor revision courses specifically to fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge.

We can then help children apply that knowledge in our mock tests, which are designed to accurately simulate an exam situation so they aren’t phased on the big day.

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About Us

Our philosophy

With studying for the 11 Plus, the main aim is obviously to help students pass the exam with flying colours. But, in addition, each child needs to develop his or her understanding as much as possible during preparation for the test so they can flourish at their chosen grammar school. They will need firm foundations to build on in their secondary years and practice for the test is a part of that process.

We use continual assessment to identify areas of success and topics in need of development.  A lot of games are used to address concepts that require work as I have a strong belief in making learning fun. And a little competition through game playing can bring even the most shy child’s skills to the surface!


Hi! My name is Louisa Windsor and I run Windsor Tutoring.Picture8

I’ve been helping children pass the 11 Plus for more than twelve  years. I previously taught at a local primary school for eight years, where I was judged by both Ofsted and the Senior Management Team to be an outstanding teacher.

I decided to become a tutor after taking a break in my career to have my two boys and I haven’t looked back. I still love helping children to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.

For me, tutoring brings together all the parts of teaching that I really enjoy, whilst excluding a lot of the red tape that unfortunately is a part of teaching in schools today. It’s as child-focused as teaching should be and allows me to make a real difference.

The Tutors

All tutors involved in the revision and mock tests have been carefully selected for their experience and skills in preparing children for the 11 Plus. They have a range of strengths that are perfect for supporting children on their journey towards 11 Plus success, and they all hold a full DBS disclosure certificate.

One to One Tuition

I run 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 tutoring sessions from my home in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells.  Please contact me for further information.

My tutoring style…why me?

My tutoring style and philosophy stands out for a number of reasons:

  • I don’t just go through exam papers and questions. I teach concepts in order for them to learn and improve their knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • All marking of test papers is done by myself outside the tuition time. Marking while the children are working on something else is not beneficial for the children.
  • I do not get children to sit doing long exam papers within the session. Instead, practice papers are set for homework and I use the session time to interact with the children.
  • I am very aware of the attention span of children and I feel sessions longer than an hour are not very productive. Nearer the examination time, parents can request a small number of longer sessions over the Summer holidays if they wish.
  • I am flexible with the payments and can adapt to the needs of parents.
  • My students make excellent progress and this is reflected in their exam success and also in their progress at school in general.
  • When studying for the 11 plus, the student passing the exams with flying colours is obviously the aim. In addition, a child needs to develop his/her understanding as much as possible during the 11 plus preparation to enable them to flourish at their chosen grammar school. They will need firm foundations on which to build in their secondary years.
  • I offer a personalised service which some of the large tuition centres lack. I teach using a range of resources which I have developed over many years.

11 Plus Revision Courses and Mock Tests

Our Revision Courses and Mock Tests are designed to support and prepare children for the experience of the 11 Plus test. Find out more about how the courses and tests work below, and for details of our location and dates for 2023, head straight to our Venue and Timetable page.

TO BOOK A SPACE, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT louisawindsor@outlook.com


All you need to ensure your child can walk into the exam room with confidence!

  • A diagnostic mock test before the course allows us to find gaps in your child’s knowledge. Detailed feedback will be emailed to parents.
  • Formulation of an individual revision plan for your child. Gaps in knowledge are addressed in small groups of no more than eight children over two full days by experienced 11 Plus tutors. All key areas of the 11 Plus tests are covered as well as exam techniques and tips.
  • Further coverage of the more challenging topics of the 11 Plus.
  • A mock test following completion of the course to allow the children time to practise and apply all they have learnt. Detailed feedback will again be given to parents to aid further study. Please note that different mock tests are used for Easter and Summer courses.

PRICE: £260



Experience of an exam situation is key to ensuring children feel as relaxed as possible on the actual 11 Plus day in September. They get only one chance to show how good they are and preparation is key!

The mock tests we use have been compiled by 11 Plus tutors and are similar in format and standard to the Kent GL 11 Plus exams. The children will have experience of using a multiple-choice answer sheet.

The mocks give them a chance to overcome nerves, build confidence and perfect exam technique.

In particular, the children become familiarised with:

  • distractions from other children
  • distractions from adults – walking past and talking to other children
  • time management
  • reading and listening to instructions
  • managing toilet breaks

This three-hour session will give your child a chance to practice the two papers: Reasoning, and Maths and English.

Tutors will mark the exams and provide detailed written feedback, providing invaluable information that can shape further study.

The dates for the mock tests have been specifically chosen to give time for further study in areas of need before the 11 Plus exams in September. Different mock tests are used for Summer and Easter tests/revision courses.

PRICE: £60


Click the button below for further details about our tuition venue and dates for Revision Courses and Mock Tests in 2023.

Venue and Timetable

TO BOOK A SPACE, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT louisawindsor@outlook.com

All mock tests and revision courses take place at Langton Village Hall, Tunbridge Wells.

There is ample parking for parents to drop off and pick up their children.


Langton Village Hall
Langton Green
Tunbridge Wells

Please see langtongreenvillagehall.org.uk for more information.

Revision Courses:  2023

Summer Course:

Sunday 9th July 9am – 12pm diagnostic mock test

Monday 31st July and Tuesday 1st August 9am – 3pm revision course

Wednesday 2nd August 9am – 12pm final mock test

Stand Alone Mock Tests:

Wednesday 2nd August 9am – 12pm