11 Plus Revision Courses and Mock Tests

Our Revision Courses and Mock Tests are designed to support and prepare children for the experience of the 11 Plus test. Find out more about how the courses and tests work below, and for details of our location and dates for 2023, head straight to our Venue and Timetable page.

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All you need to ensure your child can walk into the exam room with confidence!

  • A diagnostic mock test before the course allows us to find gaps in your child’s knowledge. Detailed feedback will be emailed to parents.
  • Formulation of an individual revision plan for your child. Gaps in knowledge are addressed in small groups of no more than eight children over two full days by experienced 11 Plus tutors. All key areas of the 11 Plus tests are covered as well as exam techniques and tips.
  • Further coverage of the more challenging topics of the 11 Plus.
  • A mock test following completion of the course to allow the children time to practise and apply all they have learnt. Detailed feedback will again be given to parents to aid further study. Please note that different mock tests are used for Easter and Summer courses.

PRICE: £260



Experience of an exam situation is key to ensuring children feel as relaxed as possible on the actual 11 Plus day in September. They get only one chance to show how good they are and preparation is key!

The mock tests we use have been compiled by 11 Plus tutors and are similar in format and standard to the Kent GL 11 Plus exams. The children will have experience of using a multiple-choice answer sheet.

The mocks give them a chance to overcome nerves, build confidence and perfect exam technique.

In particular, the children become familiarised with:

  • distractions from other children
  • distractions from adults – walking past and talking to other children
  • time management
  • reading and listening to instructions
  • managing toilet breaks

This three-hour session will give your child a chance to practice the two papers: Reasoning, and Maths and English.

Tutors will mark the exams and provide detailed written feedback, providing invaluable information that can shape further study.

The dates for the mock tests have been specifically chosen to give time for further study in areas of need before the 11 Plus exams in September. Different mock tests are used for Summer and Easter tests/revision courses.

PRICE: £60


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