For the 11 Plus Revision Courses and Mock Tests:

I would highly recommend the revision course and mock test to any parent of a prospective 11+ candidate.  We were thrilled that our daughter had such a positive experience of a formal test situation and Louisa’s feedback throughout was very clear.  Within the revision course, Louisa and her team successfully closed the gaps in my daughter’s understanding, but even more, they supported her in such a way that her confidence greatly increased and she even made some new friends.

Caroline 2019

Thanks Louisa and Windsor Tutoring for the fantastic 11 Plus preparation course.  I can’t recommend it enough!  The workshop was extremely well organised and my son had positive comments every day.  At the end we had a very useful folder containing all of the work he had covered, which also highlighted his weak points for us to work on (which is exactly what we wanted!)  The  mock tests were a very good push for both myself and my son!  Getting the feedback in such a short period of time with detailed feedback and advice was AMAZING!  Thank you very much.

May 2019

For One to One Tuition:

Louisa takes time to get to know each child individually.  First meeting parents to establish what the tutoring should involve and the desired outcome, she then informally assesses the child to create a bespoke tutoring programme going forward.

There is never any pressure to perform to a certain level and the session is always about enhancing ways of learning, new methods, top tips and general encouragement.

Throughout the tutoring period you get regular updates on progress, homework is set for the following session and suggestions made about additional learning materials which would suit your child.

In the run-up to any formal testing, Louisa offers additional sessions and, again, tailors it to the child. Louisa pitches these final sessions perfectly.

Louisa instils a gentle confidence in the child and shows them how their hard work pays off.

Thank you from all of us!

Kerry, Tunbridge Wells 2018

My daughter overcame her ‘spaghetti maths brain’.

When I sent my daughter (Year 5) to Louisa, she was in the lower maths set. At school. She confused pretty much every maths operation in her brain and was worried, confused and inconsistent in maths. Intuitively, she was capable, but she didn’t trust herself so struggled.

Louisa completely turned this around with friendly, consistent and highly effective tutoring in maths. Within 4 months, Lottie moved up to the higher maths set at school. I would compare Lottie’s ‘maths brain’ before seeing Louisa to a bowl of cooked spaghetti. Afterwards it was like a pack of dried spaghetti – all facing the same way, straight and lined-up.

Louisa later went on to help Lottie in other 11+ areas, which was also really helpful. Lottie passed the 11+ with a good mark – which was not guaranteed, as she had wobbles and inconsistencies – particularly in maths.

I would highly recommend Louisa as a Tutor. Lottie loved her!